Melvin Campbell II.

In 2008, I took some construction paper, glue, an old tan sock, and created a friend that I would later name Danny. That was eight years ago, and from that one craft spawned a ministry that is slowly changing the standard for puppet ministries. Since then, Puppestry Productions was born, a ministry designed to be entertaining, lively, comedic, and it's all tired to Christian values and biblical lessons for children and adults alike.

Puppestry's goal has always been to inform our audience about the apostolic doctrine, and that's what makes the ministry so blessed,we have never lost sight of our mission to educate. This previous July, we had a wonderful opportunity to put on our second largest production. "Puppestry LIVE Destroying Distraction!" helped teach children to be aware of some of the tactics that the devil uses to distract us from staying in the will of the Lord. This is a heavy topic, and Puppestry did not sugar-coat it sketches and songs about temptation, guilt, and crowd. It was the biggest of endeavors the ministry has taken on and it was a joy.

One of the hopes I've had personally about this ministry, is that we'd be an example to other assemblies of how effective puppet ministries it'll are in our current generation. This ministry can inspire other churches to start "lifting their hands in worship"

"No matter what's more bigger, or more stronger than me, it can't be any bigger than the God who's with me."